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In 1934, what started as a dream from a young visionary, is now a reality. RCM has become a leader in the area of Indian Organic cotton production. Leading the way in this industry of the future, RCM has been able to inscribe its name in golden letters.

Based in the city of Kolkata, India, RCM produces and exports Organic textile products. Export destinations include United States, most European countries, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Today, with an annual turnover of over 10 million US dollars, RCM's range of knitted and woven garments and home products have found acceptance all over the world. The product range includes garments for men, women and children, as well as an extensive range of home textiles. Read more…



A modern facility in Noida, near to Delhi, manufactures all types of knitwear: Fashionable Sweaters,Tops, Dresses, Accessories, as well as Kids Wear, Knit Blankets, shawls and throws.An impressive park of computerized machines and modern equipment allow RCM to produce a huge array of patterns and knit jacquards. Read more… go to flatknits page. Read More..



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About 80% of all cotton is produced by small-scale farmers. Some 30 to 50 million farming families in developing countries depend on cotton, but the high cost of seeds and inputs traps them in a vicious cycle of debt. Working conditions are often challenging… Read More..

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