About Us

Decision makers in the Ethical Textile business are sensitive to environmental issues and wish to be sure that their products are made according to socially and ecologically responsible business practices. They want to change the way business is done internationally and their product sourcing is part of the change.

On the production end of this chain, there are very few truly dedicated actors. Most are merely looking to extend their conventional business by adding organics to their production activities. Among the really committed few in Organic cotton manufacturing, is RCM, with their vertical chain of production for organic cotton textiles – from farmer to finished product.

While as, the majority of factories produce organic cotton products as a sideline, RCM deals only in Organic and Fair Trade cotton, including mixes of organic cotton with other eco- fibers.

Based in Kolkata, India, RCM, supports Fair Trade as validated and certified by FTO, but more importantly, bearing witness to their commitment, there is:

  • financial and economical support of small organic farmers
  • fair labor practices within the GOTS certified production chain,
  • SA8000 certified social standards...


  • RCM can produce your eco-products sustainably using GOTS certified organic and fair trade yarn for all types of knits or woven fabrics.
  • RCM can develop your collections for you and produce them in a cost effective and fair trade certified production facility; whether you have your own patterns or wish to work with our pattern masters, CAD process and sampling teams,.
  • RCM can handle every step from sourcing materials and accessories to the production and packaging of products, according to your specifications.
  • RCM’s modern, fully equipped facilities allow most of the production to be done in-house:
  • RCM is well-equipped in state-of-the-art machinery: Circular knitting is done in-house on our 8 German machines from Mayer & Cie, which allow making practically every structure of knit:
        2 - 24/28 gg Single jersey
        2 - 24gg Interlock or 18gg Rib,
        2 - 28 gg Single jersey, special lycra,
        1 - Engineering stripe, Single jersey,
        1 - Engineering stripe, Interlock,


Stitching machines are plentiful, modern, and efficient:
  • 550 - Single needle lockstitch,
  • 120 - Single needle lockstitch UBT,
  • 54 - 4-Thread overlock,
  • 38 - 3-needle flatlock coverstitch,
  • 10 - Zigzag stitching machines,
  • 1- Computerized quilting machine,
  • 9 - Electronic button-hole and button stitchers,

PRINTING, EMBROIDERY and other equipment

  • Screen printing is done in-house in a facility with a capacity of 7000 units per day.Embroidery: In-house Tajima 20-head computerized machine handles 100% of our customer’s embroidery needs.
  • Other specialized equipment includes:
        Gerber CAD system for pattern-making, grading and cutting layout,
        Garment washing plant w/ tumble dyers and dryers and hydroextractor,
        Pneumatic snap button machines,
        Spot cleaning and thread aspirators,
        Steam tables and irons.


Our Certifications