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GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard, is the world's toughest textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria. All of our organic cotton is GOTS certified..

RCM produces several lines of home textiles rooted in nature. The towels and bedding are made from 100% certified hand-picked organic cotton, which undergoes a process to guarantee the high quality that comes out of our factory.


RCM sheeting fabric (Sateen and Percale), after the cotton is grown, harvested, washed, spun into thread and woven into large sheets of fabric. Sateen sheets come in 250 and 325 thread count and percale in 220. We also do prints and jacquards.

The process involves the following steps:

  • Cleaning: The fabric is processed with a natural amylase enzyme, similar to the natural enzymes found in saliva, to remove the wheat starch that was applied to the textile during the weaving process to minimize fluctuations in sizing.
  • Singeing: The starch-free fabric is then passed over and under a very small flame at high speed. This burns off fibers protruding from the fabric surface, leaving it smooth and minimizing pilling.
  • Washing: The fabric is washed with biodegradable soap.
  • Softening: Before being dyed, sodium hydroxide is applied to the fabric as it is stretched. This powerful cleaning agent makes the yarn rounder and more lustrous, stronger and more receptive to dyes.
  • Whitening: White and dyed fabrics are then whitened with hydrogen peroxide. (Natural-colored fabrics skip the whitening/dyeing process.)
  • Dyeing: We use low-impact, fiber-reactive dyeing in all our products. Our dyes are very safe, GOTS certified and "low impact," which means that we use less water, less heat and produce less wastewater runoff than regular chemical dyeing processes. The bonding effect with this type of dye is greater and, therefore, more environmentally friendly
  • Smoothing: The fabric is smoothed between highly polished steel rollers. This is a process done mainly to satin weave fabrics to create sheen on the fabric surface.
  • Preshrinking: Finally, the fabric is Sanforized, a mechanical process that uses steam and rubber rollers moving in opposite directions to preshrink the fabric.



Thick and super absorbent towels and bathrobes that your customers will love to buy for their luxurious softness. Different finishing is available on towels and weights go from 350 to 420 GSM. The long staple cotton can be woven to make waffle textures for towels and bathrobes or knit into velours, interlock or a plush terry loops to create a soft silky feel and promote maximum absorbency.

Selection of towels and bathrobe materials:

VELOUR: Like the grandest spa wrap, a velour robe is a sumptuous pairing of plush terry on the inside and silky velour outside. Thick and warm, it is at the top of the line in bathrobes.

TERRY: Lighter than velour, it is none-the-less thick and plush, making it ideal for cool climates and as a spa robe.

INTERLOCK: Cool and comfy, in 190 GSM jersey interlock, the smooth texture is comfortable next to the skin and the interlocked knit provides stretch for added comfort. Ideal for warm climates and everyday wear.

WAFFLE WEAVE: When a terrycloth robes seem too thick, too heavy, or too warm, waffle weave bathrobes are like an excellent choice. Thinner and lighter than terry, the waffle fabric with its crisscrossing texture is great for warm climates and super quick to dry.

Spa products can also be made to order; items such as:
  • Eye Mask
  • Headband
  • Hair Towel
  • Wash Mitt
  • Spa Sheet
  • Spa Blanket
  • Spa Wrap


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