Fair trade is neither charity nor assistance; rather, it is a professional link between producer and buyer that is based on respect and fair business practice. The producer receives a fair price for his products which allows him to pay fair wages, thus giving workers the possibility of providing for their families with dignity. RCM workers rely on their jobs to better their living conditions, particularly concerning health, education and housing and RCM takes this responsibility seriously…

At RCM our goal is to meet the expectations of companies in quest of authenticity, coherence and quality in their production sourcing while ensuring the continued progress in the conditions of our workers lives.

We appeal to those who ask themselves: "Is it possible to change the world through everyday decisions? Does opting for natural and organic materials make a difference?"

In response to global environmental and economic issues, RCM works with companies worldwide to develop completely eco-friendly, socially-respectful lines of contemporary products. The universal concern that consumers are expressing in regards to social and environmental issues explains the success of this emerging market.

At RCM, we take great pride in the quality of our relationships with farmers, suppliers and partners, as well as the attention given to the social and economical welfare of our workers. This has earned us a solid reputation for integrity with our buyers in countries spread out over Europe, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Approximately 1000 workers make up RCM's workforce in 3 factories producing knit and woven apparel, as well as bedding and bath products. RCM's activities are oriented around sustainability and fairness. Well beyond the obvious, "no child labor" and "minimum wage compliance", RCM complies with legislation regarding maximum working hours, overtime compensation and incentives. Worker have all the rights as per Freedom of Association and they are free to join any community they want. There is no discrimination for race, age, sex, political opinion, religion etc. RCM has developed a progressive business model for its factories. RCM has taken a positive stance towards unions and workers are represented by the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU).

Besides the above, we also provide other benefits to the workers: such as transport to and from the jobsite, company sponsored meals, a health plan and funding for worker's children's education. We believe that we are doing what we should to protect our future...

RCM is currently certified by :

FLOCERT (FLO ID 4512), and Fair Trade-USA
Stitching factories are SA8000 certified
Furthermore, all of the cotton purchased from Chetna is produced in a Fair Trade context
which is controlled and validated by Flocert.


Our Certifications